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Fiction and non-fiction developmental editing, manuscript editing, proofreading, consultations

for institutions

Workshops and consulting


What people say about working with me...


Are you looking for a developmental editor for your novel or short story? Do you have a 50-page draft that needs to be a 20-page article? A dissertation to turn into a book?

I have just what you need: decades of editing and publishing expertise, highly-tuned coaching skills, and a high standard of professionalism.


I have worked with academic writers in disciplines from anthropology to zoology (okay, not really zoology), many of whom were not native English speakers. My strengths are in the arts and humanities, but I am fluent in science, as well.


No matter what stage your project is in--fiction or scholarship--we can design a package for you to take you to the next stage.


What you’ll get from me:

  • Encouraging feedback

  • Honest, clear, and prompt communication

  • Active listening

  • Knowledge of publishing


Contact me today to get started. Use this form to sign up for a free 30-minute consultation.

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I have a twenty-five year career in faculty development and academic administration. I offer highly-regarded workshops for faculty on how to thrive in academia, and on writing, pedagogy, and leadership. I also consult with institutions on developing a comprehensive faculty development program, developing faculty leadership, and assessing teaching. Contact me for more information.

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"Jim’s facilitation style was just the right balance between using questions to engage faculty in exploring the topic of leading from where they are and sharing information in a clear and organized way. He created a safe and inclusive space for faculty to engage with each other. "

Diana J. LaRocco, Ed.D.

Associate Provost & Dean

Goodwin University


"Jim displays professionalism, support, responsiveness, and patience. I found a supportive and encouraging voice assuring me that I would get across the finish line. I highly recommend his services to any writers and academics out there looking to deliver a polished product. I look forward to working with him again!"

Dr. David Simpson, Business, California

“Dr. Berg’s intellect, warm regard for others, and deft sense of humor give him a natural and effective style.”

Sociology Professor, California


“Jim is a gifted communicator, both orally and in written communication. We worked together in a mutually respectful manner to ensure that my communications were accurate, thorough, and culturally respectful. My ability to write and speak grew as a direct result of observing the communicative processes of Jim Berg! I have successfully presented at conferences, published journal articles, written reports for quality assurance, achieved tenure, and am now enjoying retirement.”

Education Professor, New York

“Jim skillfully facilitated a critical, comfortable, and reflective workshop for open and collaborative dialogue focused on our school’s mission, culture, and values. Jim grounded his presentation in the current leadership research with relevant examples from his rich experience in higher education leadership and faculty development. His style is open, informative, and inviting for authentic and reflective discussions.”

Robert A. LeGary Jr., Ed.D.

Director, Master of Education,Teacher Leadership

Goodwin University

"The workshop was awesome, because it was the first workshop that I've attended that wasn't about the actual writing process, but about the publication process, which was quite unique and very helpful. I now have a preliminary understanding of how the book publishing process works. By the end of the session, I felt more confident to begin writing the book proposal because I truly believe my topic is important and that students will find it to be helpful. I'm excited to begin writing again!"

Associate Professor, New York

"Jim creates equitable and inclusive spaces for ideas to develop and flourish. He has a progressive vision that is future focused and deeply humanistic. Jim’s balanced perspective and insightful feedback have also made our team’s work more effective and helped us get the job done. His friendly, collegial approach has made it a pleasure."

College Professor, Faculty Learning Leader, New York

"I worked with Jim twice as an editor, and I can say unequivocally that he made my writing better and my argument clearer.  He has a rare quality of collaboration as an editor: he never imposed his own perspectives or stylistic preferences but helped me enhance both my voice and the argument I wanted to make."

English Professor, Mississippi

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